Brain Cloud

The problem with being sleep deprived is that the brain ceases functioning! Not that my brain needs any help in that category because my memory, as it is, is ridiculously slow. So after being awake since 7am Hawaii time and then flying out at 10pm Hawaii time and then getting into Denver at 8am Denver time and then finally arriving in St. Louis at 1pm St. Louis time, to say that I was tired would be a horrific understatement. I dozed a little off and on during the flight, but there was a toddler across the aisle that did not have a good flight (poor parents) and it made actual sleeping impossible!

When I finally got off the plane and had picked up my luggage, I headed to the shuttle bus waiting area. Bus comes.  Board bus. Pull out my phone to check Facebook. I was thoroughly engrossed in a conversation when I felt the bus pull into the parking lot. I looked up and was instantly disoriented. It was not parking lot C where I had parked my car over a week earlier. It was a strange, unfamiliar parking lot. As the driver dropped folks at their vehicles I let him know that I was on the wrong bus. There were people who were waiting to get on the shuttle to go to the terminals so he needed to pick them up before he could head back. Not a problem.

He picks up his passengers – all men – and as he’s heading back to the terminal he picks up his walkie talkie thing to let the dispatch people know that he was leaving the lot and heading back to the terminal. It would have been perfectly OK by me if he’d have left it at that, but he continued on asking if there was a bus from lot C near the terminal because he had a lady who had boarded the wrong bus. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. Everyone on the bus turned and looked at me. I just smiled and shrugged. Ugh!

Perfect ending to a long ass day! I made it back to to the terminal, onto the correct bus, to my car, and safely back home. Gotta love it when that old brain cloud kicks in.

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