Out Of My Skin

My sweet little princess.

My sweet little princess.

All day long I’ve been jumping out of my skin. It’s like I can barely breathe. The anticipation of meeting my granddaughter and seeing her parents is slowly killing me! But tomorrow’s the day! And a LONG day it will be. Starting at 4am my time and ending at 3pm her time (which is 8pm my time). Eleven hours and 49 minutes of flight time. This doesn’t count the time that I’ll be in the airport before I get on the plane, and during my layover. And then. THEN one of my coworkers said that Denver airport closed today because of poor visibility. All the rain is wreaking havoc over there. And naturally, I pick Denver as my layover airport because it’s the one that I’m most familiar with and feel the most comfortable traversing. Since I only have an hour between flights I wanted something well within my comfort zone. My other choices in the price range of my tickets were Houston (never been to that airport) or Chicago (and that’s a big HELL NO). So I’m crossing my fingers that on Friday the 13th my flights don’t get all fucked up because Denver is under cloud cover.

I need to sleep. But I can’t. Because I’m jumping out of my skin!! I’ll sleep on the airplane!

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