Here’s The Thing

My normally hyper cat who won’t snuggle if her life depended on it has become a little snuggle bug with her vestibular issues. She seems to feel safer on my lap than anywhere else. I kinda like it, even though I really want her to get better quickly!


4 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing

      • Sometimes having a cuddly cat can be a PITA; it’s a good thing Merlin’s cute.

        His latest trick is to jump on the headboard at 5am – when I sit up to swat him off, he hops down to sleep in the already warmed bed. Turkey.

      • HAH!! The second I sit down with a bowl of cereal Bandit is all “I wuv you mommy and I want to head butt you and snuggle you because I know it’s inconvenient.” 🙂 And the second I get up off the couch she plunks down on the warm spot.

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