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Why do I drive myself crazy?

Since learning that my thyroid levels are high, I spent the weekend on the Mayo Clinic’s website, WebMD’s website, reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on. The thing that keeps coming up is Iodine. People in the US and other first world countries don’t have a problem with a lack of iodine in the diet because it’s in our table salt. I get plenty of salt in my diet but I gave up table salt YEARS ago. What do I use instead? Sea Salt. What does Sea Salt not have? Iodine! So then I go, “Oh good god, I’ve brought this all on myself because I’ve tossed iodized table salt out the window like I was just too damned good to use it.”

It’s what I say, but I know it’s not true. There is salt in pretty much everything I eat. But still. There’s that small part of my brain that loves to torment me and tell me that this serves me right because I did it to myself!


It’s what I do.