How’s That Again?

As you may know (because I can’t quit talking about it), I have a new grand-daughter.

From the moment my daughter became pregnant, she informed me that she did not plan on breast feeding. I’ve always been a firm believer in breast feeding, but I also know how painful it was for me and the difficult time I had with it. It is not for everyone. I have fully supported my daughter in her decision to not breast feed if she did not want to. I have also told her that I would go to bat for her with anybody who wanted to hassle her about not going that route. My family is full of breast feeding proponents so I worried that some of them might try to bully her into doing something that she wasn’t comfortable with.

As it turns out, it wasn’t my family that I needed to worry about. I logged into FB one day and came across this post. One of my daughter’s first posts after having the baby. And I nearly lost my shit!



My daughter was very gracious in her response. Much more gracious than I was. I do NOT understand why men think that they can tell women what they should be doing with their bodies. Especially when it’s not his wife, nor is he someone that she’s really seen since high school. I kept my response short and to the point, when what I really wanted to do was rip him a new asshole!

Some people’s children!

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