Busting At The Seams

I hate to tell you guys, but there may be a LOT of baby talk going on over the next little while. I can’t even begin to describe how much in love I am with this little girl that so recently entered our cold, cruel world! And I haven’t even touched her yet! 

My daughter has been very good about communicating with me ever since she moved away from home. She’s kind of a momma’s girl. During her pregnancy she has been over the top willing to send me preggo pictures. We have video chatted at least on a weekly basis and talked on the phone or texted on a daily basis. I have been able to share in her pregnancy from day one. Once the baby was born she has sent me picture after picture after picture. We video chatted last night so I got to hear all the sounds and see all the stretches and facial expressions that newborns do.

But the thing that really gets me? The DADDY! I wondered how he would be. I know that Melissa wanted a baby so badly and I was kind of afraid that she had badgered him into making one. But last night when we were video chatting Melissa asked him to take her while she rearranged the computer. All I could see where his strong hands gingerly picking up the little bundle but I could hear him cooing and talking to her. When Melissa got rearranged and had him give the baby back to her, as soon as he was sure she had the baby and he let go, he reached over and tickled her little belly briefly. It was such a small gesture, but immediately a lump formed in my throat.

And then he posted this on FB:

1231684_641179912572860_846130676_nThis is one of many “selfies” that he has taken with his daughter. Melissa said that the nurses all commented on what an attentive dad he was and that most of them sleep while the momma takes care of the baby.

This morning I woke up to this on FB:


I’m telling you, it just tickles me to no end to see him be so enamored with this little girl. She is lucky to have two awesome people as parents! And I am lucky to have those two parents as MY kids!! I love them both!


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