Ah, The Life Of A Dog Mom

My dogs are getting old. It’s painfully clear on most days and it tugs at my heart strings if I even attempt to ponder how much longer I might possibly have with them.

OMG, have you ever seen such a handsome dog??? He is so gorgeous.

OMG, have you ever seen such a handsome dog??? He is so gorgeous.

My beautiful Jake, as is common in his breed, has pretty severe dry skin issues. He licks, licks, licks his hind end until his hip bones are not covered with fur anymore. I’ve finally found a remedy(ish) for this. Aveeno Oatmeal Lotion. It’s the only thing that seems to relieve the itchiness for him.

He also has bad allergies and his eyes are just droopy runny right now. Poor baby. I feel his pain!!!

On top of the issues that you can see, he is having trouble maneuvering the stairs. It takes him awhile to get from lying down to standing up. When he lifts his back leg to scratch while he’s standing up he kind of slips to the ground. Just…getting old.

My beauty.

My beauty.

Ellie. Ah, Ellie. She’s a stubborn bitch. We shave them every spring. Normally by this time of year her coat is about 3/4 grown back in. This year her face and mane have grown in and her rump has grown in, but along her back it’s not grown in and she looks ridiculous. She had a stomach ache this week and I noticed she was eating a lot of grass at the beginning of the week. I came home from work on Wednesday to good ol’ doggie diahrea all over the bar floor. GAG! If I drop an egg on the floor and have to clean up the raw egg whites, the consistency has me completely gagging. But to clean up something the consistency of egg white, with the smell of Ellie pooh….let me just say, that was not a fun task.

And then there was this morning. I took them out to do their duties first thing off and Jake gets out there, takes care of business, and then is standing by the door begging to get back into the house. Ellie says hi to the neighbor dogs, says hi to Tippy (our outdoor kitty), does her perimeter check of the yard…totally lolligags around. Mornings are hectic for me and I’m usually going, “Ellie, hurry up!!” I was pretty exasperated with her this morning and she was taking her sweet time and I had not even started the coffee pot or done anything with my hair.

She finally pees and then poops, but I notice that the last bit of poop didn’t fall to the ground, yet here she comes running to the door, anxious to get into the house. So I open the door and tell her to stay in the bar. The bar door was open and they normally bolt upstairs. Fortunately, she obeyed. I went into the bathroom and got some toilet paper to get the fresh, dangling poop off her butt. She squirmed a little when I got it and I noticed something long and stringy hanging out of her butt. I got a new piece of toilet paper and lifted her tail (she HATES it when I touch her tail) and there, hanging from her butt, was a piece of grass…protruding about two inches out of her butthole.

*Deep sigh*

I reach with the toilet paper and get hold of the grass and thought I’d just pull it right out. The grass kept coming and coming and coming. It was about eight inches long and looked like there were multiple blades of grass all woven together!!!! What the fuck! She SQUIRMED as the grass exited her body. Must have tickled or something. DUDE! That was just gross. She seemed to feel a lot better without the grass there, but holy shit.

A true testament that I love my dogs!!

Fun times at my house this morning, yes indeedy!

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