Is It Monday?

It’s barely 10am. Here’s my day so far.

  1. Got in the shower and raised my arms to wash my hair. HORRIBLE shooting pain between my shoulder blades. It’s this catch in my back and when I take a deep breath in I get a stabbing pain. It feels like it needs to pop. Hello, Aleve, my friend. Please do your job. Quickly!
  2. Shits galore this morning. What the hell, body! I have been treating you kindly and this is how you repay me?
  3. Left my phone sitting next to my computer so I’m feeling so NEKKID!
  4. Drove the truck to work because Mark took my car in to be inspected. The brakes on the trucks stick first thing in the morning. I feel its pain! I always carry my mug of coffee (not a travel mug) into work with me. My car has a smooooooooth ride so it’s never a problem. Barely tapped the brakes. Coffee splashed up over the sides of the mug and all over the front of my skirt. Fortunately, the skirt is busy. White base with black flowers and cream colored fern type leaves on it. I’d take a picture and include it but….see #3.
  5. Got to work. Logged into my computer. Put lotion on my hands. Same as I do every day. Picked up my coffee and it slipped right out of my hands…slick, lotiony hands. All over my stack of bulletins that I need to read. My co-worker goes, “Do you need to go home?” Why, yes. Yes, I do!

It can only get better from here, right?

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