Warning: Sharp Curses Ahead

FUCK SHIT DAMN ASS HELL – Just to get things started off.

I know there are people out there who are devout in their religions. I do not have a problem at all with that. I admire people who stick to what they believe and LIVE what they believe. What I have no admiration or respect for are the zealots who make it their life’s endeavor to cram it down everyone’s throat. The “in your face” “I’m right and you’re wrong” type fanatics are the ones I have no use for. So here is some useful advice. If you are trying to convert me use this list as things you should never say to me:

  • Do not tell me that I need to swallow my fucking pride and get back to church.
  • Do not tell me that I’ve ruined my kids’ lives by choosing to leave the church and in the process dragged them away with me.
  • Do not tell me what my belief in God is like because you do not fucking know what my belief in God is.
  • Do not tell me that I can’t be happy unless I repent and go back to church.
  • Do not write me multiple letters in a couple week period of time blasting out your hypocrisy so that your voice is constantly in my head. Not in my head because I question where I have taken my life. I don’t. But because you have made me question my love for you. You, who I have loved for my whole life. You, who I knew with a certainty would have my back no matter what. You, who I always swore would never judge me. Yet here you sit in judgement, from behind your fucking jail cell!
  • Do NOT judge me! Do you hear me! Do not fucking judge me!
  • Do not even think to call me to repentance! Especially when you have done something so reprehensible that I can’t bring myself to even say it out loud.
  • But above all else, don’t you dare, don’t you fucking dare tell me that the things that I have done in my past are the same in the eyes of God as what you have done. How dare you!! How fucking dare you!

I don’t believe that I am asking for too much!

8 thoughts on “Warning: Sharp Curses Ahead

  1. I’m having trouble leaving a reply?

    Trying again: I thought this was more of a general post to all the religious zealots everywhere, until I got to point five. Consider the source: this is a very sick person who is justifying their own actions. And by trying to make YOU feel bad? Fuck that.

    Sending much love and hugs, bdm ❤

    • Trouble with a reply like a technical issue with the website? Or because of the topic? Because really…how do you respond? How does anyone respond? There is nothing that can be said. I will say that I’m feeling a TON better today! Thanks for the love and hugs.

  2. Well fuck a fuckity fucking cock sucking duck!

    I still love ya, Momma! {{{hugs}}}

    And also? Hypocritical zealots are a special breed of asshole.

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