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Can I Get A “HORK, HORK”

I’m not a queasy person. I’m a pretty adventurous eater. I don’t turn my nose up at much. And I don’t puke!

And then along came this:


I reached inside the freshly opened bag of organic salad and pulled out a handful food, with the pretty little addition of a bird feather.

I immediately began gagging. Yes, me. I was gagging! I walked my plate into the main part of the office and showed it to everyone because if I was going to be sick, everyone else was going to be there right along with me! I’m a good friend like that.

And then I began sharing that picture with everyone! If you aren’t on Facebook and I have your phone number, you probably got a text from me! If you aren’t on Facebook and I don’t have your number you probably saw it on Twitter. For those that I don’t interact with in any of those spaces, well, today is your lucky day because you get to see a gross bird feather in my salad. You’re welcome!

Why is it that when you experience/see/smell something gross the first instinct is to go, “Oh my gawd, you’ve GOT to see this!!” So there. You’ve seen it. I feel much better now!

As you might expect, I threw the entire bag of salad away and ate saladless salad instead:


The very saddest part of this whole tale is that my turkey got over-zapped since I wasn’t standing right next to the microwave because I was on a mission to show everyone my feather! So my turkey was dry and inedible. I had two bites and tossed the rest. It was a very unsatisfying lunch. One of those types of unsatisfying where I fear the only cure is going to be a large plate of mashed potatoes and gravy! Or something along those lines. ANYTHING that will make me go “Om nom nom” and not “Hork hork hork!”


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