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Easy Button

easy-buttons800x800You know how I sometimes complain about, well…just stuff? Anything and everything? It’s not hard for me to fly into a snit and want to throw a computer against a wall or something. But really…life is good. It’s easy. I have a couple big things that I worry about. Things that are legitimate, worryable (yes, that’s a word) things. But aside from the rare distress, my life is pretty easy.

I’m lucky, in that I have Mark to remind me how good I’ve got it. I’m not saying that he verbally says, “Hey, Babe. You’re lucky to have me.” Although, he has said that before, but mostly when he’s being silly and sarcastic. For instance, yesterday on my way to work a co-worker (who also happens to be a neighbor) followed me into work. When we got there she informed me that one of my back lights was out. Mark and I happened to pull into the driveway at the same time and as I was getting out of the car I mentioned to Mark that I had a back light out. He goes, “Press your brake and pop the trunk.” So I did and then went into the house.

I changed clothes and got ready for my workout. Grabbed my purse and keys to head out for my run. Mark was standing in the garage and goes, “Do you have a second to press your brake again?” Oh fine! I guess I can spare a second.  I pumped the brake and he goes, “Okay!” Then he hands me a light bulb. And that was that.

It’s bizarre and wonderful all at the same time. I say, “Hmmm [fill in the blank] wouldn’t sure be fun.” Before I know it [fill in the blank] has happened. I’ve learned that if I’m just day-dreaming I have to preface it by saying, “I don’t want you to go out and [whatever] but I was thinking about….” This is not a bad problem to have. I really, really enjoy having an easy button. A couple of my friends have told me on more than one occasion, “I need a Mark.” Well, of course they do. Doesn’t everyone?

My Easy Button
Say hello to my own personal easy button!

2 thoughts on “Easy Button”

  1. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by little things, but always good to keep perspective. Your husband’s a cutie, if you don’t mind my saying so. I mean it nicely…not in any kind of creepy-Internet-stalker way.

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