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Take It Away, Bring It Back

MY WEEK IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I can have carbs again! OMG, my workouts have sucked over the past week. I’ve run out of energy so quickly that it’s been a huge struggle to get through a moderate workout, let alone an intense workout. My runs have sucked. My circuits have sucked. Hell, Mark and I took a walk (just over three miles) and it sucked because we were both dragging by the time we got back. That should have been a walk in the park (so to speak). So I’m happy to have carbs in my life again.

However, I have learned some things by doing our little cleanse thing. I’ve learned that cutting back on the carbs is a good thing for me but cutting them out all together is not good. Between the lack of energy and the constipation, it has not been an enjoyable carb free week. You’d think with all the vegetables we’ve been eating we’d be shitting through a sieve, but that has not been the case. Mark my words, I will never give up whole grains again. EVER!

Here’s my way of introducing carbs back into the routine:

Pasta salad (ish). I used whole wheat pasta, but instead of making a traditional pasta salad where it’s heavy on the pasta and light on the chicken I flip flopped the proportions. I made it heavier on vegetables and chicken and a little lighter on the pasta. I used a light caesars dressing instead of using mayo. That way I don’t have to think about what kind of spices and herbs to add. I used a brand that’s all natural. It has about five ingredients in it so I feel pretty good about it.

Then, because I’m lazy, I used prepackaged, precut vegetables.


I also added sliced up olives, cherry tomatoes, and chunks of sharp cheddar cheese. So it looks like this when it’s finished:


And, of course, because I can…I washed it down with this!


Ahhhhhhh. Refreshing!


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