The Downside

Do you know what’s been the most difficult about this “jump start?” I completely DRAG during my workouts. When they talk about carb loading before races I’m now getting a tiny inkling of what they’re talking about and why they do it. My run last night was brutal! I felt like my legs just couldn’t go. Every few minutes I was having to stop and catch my breath. And I ran on the freaking treadmill!! It’s not like I was out in the 90+ degree heat and humidity.

The other downside, and I’m really not sure what this is from, but I’ve been getting really bad muscle cramps. Especially in my calves and quads. With the “jump start” they don’t ban all dairy because they call for cottage cheese or low fat cheese in some of the snacks, and I use milk in the smoothies. But I don’t get as much dairy as I do on a regular basis. I also haven’t eaten bananas like I normally do. I usually have a banana every day. I suspect that with the lack of those two things it’s causing these muscle cramps. I’ve been WAY under my calorie goal each day, which concerns me but I keep saying it’s only six days. So I’ll finish out the week and then increase the dairy and have bananas again and see if that helps me.

But mostly, I want my Muesli every morning! Muesli, pecans, blueberries, and milk. For me, that is the perfect start to every day. I’ll be glad when the week is done. I hope it actually jump starts my metabolism like it is supposed to. Otherwise, I’m dealing with leg cramps for no damn good reason!

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