Day 3

Remember that I told you Mark and I were doing a six day jump start? Well, we’re three days into it. After fighting off the urge to pour a very stiff drink last night when I came home from work to find the outside freezer door ajar and bloody water all over my garage floor from a defrosting freezer and thawing beef, I figured I’d give you a “half way” update.

Three days of a ridiculous amount of vegetables can mean only one thing. Ya’ll, I’m shitting through a sieve! Holy hell! This *ahem* lovely side effect just began today after lunch. I could tell that this might be a distinct possibility. Yesterday was just normal. But today, the “detox” has officially begun.

On Monday I weighed in at 210 and some ounces. This morning I weighed in at 208 and some ounces. I feel like I’ve been eating a TON of food. Lots of high protein, low fat meat (fish and chicken mostly) and a shitton of veggies.

For the most part, this isn’t horribly different than I normally eat. I think the biggest change I’ve made is really paying attention to eat at regular three hour (+/-) intervals. I have had zero grain products (bread, rice, oats) and no sugar except in the form of fruit. I will add back whole grains on Sunday because our bodies do need grains. I’m hoping this jump start thing will kick start my metabolism and remind it what it’s supposed to be doing.

One thing that I’ve learned from this is that it’s very important for me to plan my snacks the night before. If I don’t come to work armed with prepared snacks I’m far more likely to indulge in the donuts or cinnamon rolls or other tasty treats that my office is notorious for supplying. Monday was our company meeting and there were cinnamon roll. HOME MADE cinnamon rolls. And I didn’t have one. I had alternatives there.

So, I’ve learned stuff (things I technically already knew, but haven’t put into practice as well as I should). I’ve been consistent. I think this will be good. I just have to keep on keepin’ on!

I don’t recall if I shared the menu with you. Here it is. You’ll notice GRAINS on Sunday! Whee. It’s because the jump start will be over. What you don’t see on the Sunday menu is a stiff drink. Believe me. There WILL be a stiff drink on Sunday!

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