One Moment In Time-Watch Out, They Bite

The ghost of Independence Days Past!

All You Need To Know


If you think about one of the happiest animals on the face of the earth I think this is what you’d picture:
This is Beggar. 
I met him when I was visiting my brother in Florida a few years back. Isn’t he cute?  We were boating through the inter-coastal waterway heading towards the sporting area where we could water ski.  Dan had told me about Beggar and said that he got so used to people tossing him fish that they’d caught that he was very used to people.  You could tap on the side of the boat and he’d come running.  Well… we tapped on the side of the boat and sure enough, here he came to say hello.  Look at that smile!  Such a large happy animal.  As he came up to the side of the boat I reached down to touch him.  He spun his head around…

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