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Out With The Old

This is how I spent my evening:

20130702_175522I got a new refrigerator so I had to move the old white one to make room for my new one. The hugest downside is is cleaning the place where the fridge used to be! What in the hell do my animals do in this house to create so much fur! It was like a few critters had died under there! Guh-ROSS!

But now it looks like this:


Nice and clean and sparkly. Well, as sparkly as a freaking old house can be.

Now I have a shiny new toy in my kitchen and there are two empty shelves. I don’t know why I need more room. There’s only two of us. But I always have a ton of fresh food so I use my fridge a LOT. It’s nice to have a little extra room. My one complaint is that I don’t think there is as much door space as the old one. But that’s OK. I’ll take it.

So…Here’s my new toy:


I can’t wait to redo my kitchen so that my floor is all the same material.



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