Once In A Super Moon

I have tried for MONTHS to capture a picture of a full moon. It never seemed to matter what I tried, I was always getting too much light the moon and couldn’t figure out how to tone down the glare. As with anything, practice makes perfect(ish).

Here is April’s full moon:


There was a weird, bizarre glare off my lens that made it look like there were aliens floating about. A bit of glare from the moon, but still a decent picture.

Here is May’s full moon:


I like this one because of the reflection in the lake. There wasn’t so much glare on the moon because I think the clouds tempered it a little. I spent an hour taking night time shots by the lake. You can see others of them here.

Here is June’s full moon:


DUDE! Isn’t that cool!!!! After May’s excursion I read an article on settings for a full moon so that you could adjust for the brightness. Then my sister was out visiting and showed me a couple nifty tricks on my settings and really helped explain some things in a way that I hadn’t heard up until then. She’s an amazing teacher.

So. Now I feel confident in how to capture the moon and can move on to trying other tricks. Light painting, for example!



2 thoughts on “Once In A Super Moon

  1. I, too, have always wanted to do that! Can you share any of the tricks? That moon is totally over now, isn’t it? Or do we have more time? I should look up such things, I suppose.

    • Well, I’ve always shot on Time Value or Aperture Value. My sister showed my how to shoot in complete Manual so that I can adjust aperture AND shutterspeed simultaneously. Prior to that I could only adjust one or the other. So I set my shutter speed at about 1/250, my fstop at f11 and my ISO at 200. It made the shutter quick enough to not allow so much glare. Prior to that I was putting my fstop to the lowest possible, but the shutter was staying open way too long so the light of the moon was really overpowering. I have SO MUCH to learn!!

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