I have tried for MONTHS to capture a picture of a full moon. It never seemed to matter what I tried, I was always getting too much light the moon and couldn’t figure out how to tone down the glare. As with anything, practice makes perfect(ish).

Here is April’s full moon:


There was a weird, bizarre glare off my lens that made it look like there were aliens floating about. A bit of glare from the moon, but still a decent picture.

Here is May’s full moon:


I like this one because of the reflection in the lake. There wasn’t so much glare on the moon because I think the clouds tempered it a little. I spent an hour taking night time shots by the lake. You can see others of them here.

Here is June’s full moon:


DUDE! Isn’t that cool!!!! After May’s excursion I read an article on settings for a full moon so that you could adjust for the brightness. Then my sister was out visiting and showed me a couple nifty tricks on my settings and really helped explain some things in a way that I hadn’t heard up until then. She’s an amazing teacher.

So. Now I feel confident in how to capture the moon and can move on to trying other tricks. Light painting, for example!