The Butt Crack Of Dawn

Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to. And please tell me that it’s only happening to me because I have a fat ass.

OK. So. Remember we talked about my new workout plan? So I finished Day 6 of the Ab Challenge this morning. It was the first day that I did sit ups with my knees up. I’ve been doing them legs flat on the floor. It doesn’t hurt my back to do the sit ups this way. I don’t know what prompted me to do them with knees bent like normal people, but as soon as I finished my 35(!!!) sit ups this morning I remember why I don’t do them that way.

Forget the back pain! The pain is in my ass. Yes. Sit ups are a pain in my ass! It seems that when I have my knees bent my butt cheeks don’t sit properly on the floor and they rub together. I have a freaking RUG BURN at the top of my butt crack!!! The skin in between my but cheeks right underneath my lower back is not there! Gone. Not a metaphor type gone. But a real life, literal, no skin type GONE!

I’d love to be able to blame this on the fact that I’m 40 pounds overweight, but I had the same thing happen when I was in college. You know. 16% body fat, no fat ass. I think it’s clear that I’m doing them wrong.

This means that I’ll go back to doing straight legged sit ups for the remainder of the challenge. I hope this damned rug burn heals up quickly.


One thought on “The Butt Crack Of Dawn

  1. I must tell you this morning I awoke kind of cranky but thanks to you I am lmao ..really your sense of humor put a big smile on my face…By the way . .big ass is better than not having one at all…lol

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