A Brand New Plan

I think I must be a little bit crazy. Go ahead and ask me why.

Well, never mind that! I think ya’ll would go far and above what I might want to hear, so I’ll just tell you.

One of my favorite people has put forth an ab challenge. She’s been doing a 50 day challenge that’s highly insane and she finished that yesterday so she didn’t want to start the new challenge until she had completed the 50 day escapades. This ab challenge isn’t as psycho as the one that Ann posted. But it’s close.


So… Ab challenge.

But, I’m in the middle of my 10k training.

Also? After my run I do 30 minutes of yoga because my body is so freaking old that the running just tightens my muscles up pretty badly.

OH, and I started my Hip Hop Abs, which is a 30-60 minute a day program (depending on the scheduled day). Now, one day I tried doing the Hip Hop Abs before my run thinking that it would warm up my body well enough to make my run go much easier. Boy Howdy was I ever wrong about that! By the time I got home from my run I was on the verge of dry-heaving. AND IT WAS A NICE, COOL DAY!! This means I will not be doing HHA on the same day as I do my run. Which pretty much fucks with my 30 day HHA plan.

Something’s got to give. But what? I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not going to get up an hour early in order to get my run in before work. I can get up fifteen minutes early to get the 30 day ab challenge done. So that’s what I’ll be committing to.

Here’s what I’m thinking, and I believe it will work.

Ab challenge -Mornings before work.

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday – 10K training and yoga

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday – HHA program and yoga (part of the HHA program is buns, hips, and thighs, so it will take the place of my circuits that I normally do for that area)

Friday – rest day. I’m a realist. I know that no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I’ll workout on Fridays, I know that I never do! So I just take that right off the table.

This plan will turn the HHA program into a 60 day program instead of 30 but I’m OK with that. Now, my friend who gave me the 30 day ab challenge said she’d kick my ass if I didn’t do my HHA program. So I’m hoping that this plan will be acceptable to her. Not that I need anyone’s permission, but this woman happens to be a huge inspiration to me and I don’t want to let her down.

My way to track this is with MyFitnessPal. I am pretty religious about logging my food and workouts. If I know I have to log my progress I’m much more motivated to keep on task.

Wish me luck, folks, because this ol’ lady is going to need it!

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