I’m ratting out one of my friends, while keeping her anonymity in tact. How on earth can I do that? Well, it’s easy. She’s a smart ass and deserves the words that I have for her that I couldn’t say on FB where I have young nieces and nephews reading and following along. I posted this picture after finishing up my workout this evening:


And then this ensued:


After I quit laughing at her comment, my first response was BITCH!!! Mark was all, “What?” So I read the comment to him. He laughed and goes, “That’s some funny shit right there!” (obviously, I posted the family friendly version on FB.) So I said (because I’m mature), “Fuck you both! Fuck you right in the ass!” He loves it when I start throwing around the F-bomb! He finds it cute. What the hell, people. What the hell!!

So that was my entertainment for the evening. I will chuckle over her comment all evening! Possibly even in to tomorrow! You just never know!

Thanks for the laugh, my friend!