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Hammer Time, The Follow-up

At the end of Winter, I told you that Jenna was having surgery. I haven’t done any follow-up on that surgery. I guess I haven’t really said anything because there isn’t much that I can say. The surgery was not successful. At the beginning we thought it would be, but through all her physical therapy, the tendons didn’t loosen up, and seem to have actually tightened up a little more. Like I was telling my Imaginary Friends (as Mark has started calling them), I feel so bad for Jenna because she had to go through all that to “fix” an issue and then it didn’t fix it. I feel like I should be irritated at the failed surgery but I’m not. Over the years I have found out first hand that shit happens when surgeries are involved. Not everything goes according to the text books.

With her physical issues I completely understand how this procedure didn’t help. She doesn’t have control over her muscle movements and with physical therapy it just seems like the client would have to be able to actually *help* with the recovery and she can’t. So I wasn’t really surprised that there was no improvement. They removed her foot braces so that we could check out her little tootsies and all. Her feet are just so bent and gnarled and clearly not normal feet anymore. Since the surgery didn’t fix it, they just had a new brace designed for her that wouldn’t rub against her foot, which was really causing bad lesions (hence the surgery to fix it).


Her right foot is the one that had the surgery You can see that her toes isn’t bent under as much as the big toe on her left foot, but if you notice, her toe next to her big toe on her right foot is really bent under her foot. All I can do is chalk this up to one more issue in the long string of issues that this poor child has had through the duration of her young life! I can’t get mad about it. I’ve quit crying over it (for the most part). It’s just one of those things that just is. I’m trying to not worry about things that I have no control over. It’s not always easy, but I’m getting better about it. Jenna’s physical issues are something that I clearly have no control over.


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