Typical Conversation

MY 800TH POST! Wow!! Don’t get your hopes up. It’s still going to be mindless drivel!


Friday night’s conversation:

I’m doing dishes, minding my own business.

Him: Can you make me some tea?

Me: Sure.

–gets the coffee pot and begins rinsing it out so I can get tea going–

Him: Can you cut my hair?

Me: Tea or hair? I can’t do both at the same time.

Him: Both. I’ll wait for you to finish the tea.

–he goes about getting the chair set up by the counter where I always cut his hair–

–cuts hair–

Him: Can you color my hair?

Me: Sure. Get a different shirt on.

–mixes up color while he changes shirts–

–starts putting color in his hair and he SQUIRMS because the color is cold–

Him: Holy shit, couldn’t you put that in the microwave or something…it’s freezing!

Me: Oh, quit being a pussy!

Him: But it’s COLD!

Me: DUDE! I do this to myself every five weeks! I know what it feels like. Now hold still!

–finishes applying the color–

–him…walking off to go watch TV–

Me: So I suppose you want me to clean up this mess and cook your dinner!?

Him: [mumble, mumble,  mumble as he walks down the hall]

Me: What’s that?

Him: I love you, honey!




And that’s the way we roll at our house!

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