You may or may not know how much I love (or don’t love) math! Well, in case you don’t know…I hate it! I suck at it! I see no reason for it! It needs to run off and fuck itself!

THAT is how much I love math.

I’ve made no secrets about my inability to perform the simplest of math tasks. It’s embarrassing, really. From figuring out simple miles per hour to deciding how many pounds of potatoes I need to feed a family of six, I curse it. And now I have another reason to hate it. And I blame Lowe’s.


I made my first Lowe’s run of the season to pick up tomatoes and peppers. Obviously, there is more than just tomatoes and peppers. I picked up a couple extra strawberries because I lost a few in the drought last summer. I picked up a couple citronella plants because they’re supposed to keep mosquitoes away. We’ll see how well that works. I picked up some other veggies, too. A four pack here. A four pack there. I couldn’t find sweet potatoes and I REALLY wanted sweet potatoes so I asked someone where they were. I was running late on time and wanted to get home and plant because it was supposed to rain today. The guy I asked didn’t know but said they’d be “over there.” And he points to where I had been looking. So I went back “over there” and looked again. I finally spotted them and was so excited. I grabbed my two containers, added it to the other things, and headed to the checkout.

I got home and began planting. Planted the strawberries. Planted the tomatoes. Planted the peppers (four sweet, four hot). Planted the oregano. Planted the citronella. Planted the cantaloupe. Picked up the final two containers of sweet potatoes to plant my two four packs.

Um. Hold the phone a sec. These were NOT four packs of sweet potatoes. No, they were not. They were nine packs! How on earth does one miss the fact that there are nine plants in a container as opposed to four? Girls who can’t count, that’s who!

Sweet potato pie, anyone!?

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