Conversations Around The Computer

Or more appropriately titled: When Grown Men Throw Fits.

I was helping Mark set up a new login for this thing that my brother has conned us into (love you, bro) and once we got him signed in he went to begin inviting people to his inner circle. This required copy/pasting an email address. The horrors!!!

Him: God damn it, I hate fucking computers!

Me: You do realize it’s usually not the computer that’s the problem, right?

Him: Well this time it’s the fucking computer!

Me: What are you trying to do?

Him: Copy this just like you said to.

Me: Here, let me give it a try. ::highlight, copy, paste:: There you go. It’s sent.

Him: ::crickets::


2 thoughts on “Conversations Around The Computer

  1. Is that a new type of porn he’s into? Seems the computer parts would be a bit sharp to attempt what mark is doing. I’d hate it too!

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