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Conversations In The Basement

So, Michelle and I drove down to St. Louis to finish up my nephew’s bedroom. My sister in law had asked if I’d do that for him. My nephew is an amazing kid. He’s a senior this year and just a good, down to earth young man. A pretty straight arrow. No cussing, no drinking, no womanizing (if people even use that term anymore). Just a very respectful guy. I love him to death.

Anywho, Michelle and I, for the most part, worked by ourselves because the family was all off doing their various activities. We had to practice our filters because we’re both sort of potty mouths. Well, my nephew’s game was cancelled on Saturday so he was home and was downstairs helping Michelle and I with his room. I had hoped that it would all be a surprise, but it turns out that he was an amazing assistant. I was cutting links in a chain with a bolt cutter and he was giving me that look like, “Ah, you’re so cute expending all that energy using the bolt cutter.” He took the bolt cutter and was all “snip, snip, snip” like it was an easy task. WHATEVER!!  We were having a great time just laughing and joking around with each other.

It was towards the end of the day and one of the projects wasn’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped and after one particularly painful bungle I went, “FUCK!” Then looked up at my nephew and went, “Ah, shit I’m sorry!” He and Michelle burst out laughing because it hadn’t occurred to me that I had apologized for cursing with a curse word.

Auntie FAIL. He was very sweet and just goes, “You’re awesome!”

I know it’s nothing that he hasn’t heard at school but I felt bad for throwing the F-bomb at him. Good times!


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