Sixteen Weeks

Guess what? I got another picture. Another week goes by. Another picture comes! I sigh and smile every time!


I also got another picture. This second one had Melissa more excited than the first one. Her birthday is next month and I had no idea how long it would take for it to ship to Hawaii so I made sure to send it early. She got it yesterday. I had a text waiting for me when I got done with volleyball.


She’s super excited about it. The crib, not the rug! She’s been picking up odds and ends whenever she gets a chance and she wants her nursery in a zoo theme. It looks like the crib didn’t come with a mattress. I wondered. They normally don’t. I found a really cool “travel system” for her. “Travel system” meaning a jogging stroller with a car seat. I’m kind of waiting for that to go on sale because they’re a little pricey. I want something that she can push through sand if need be.

Anywho….not the least bit excited about this grand baby that I’ve got on the way, but I know that ya’ll wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t share the pictures. 🙂

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