A Little Help From My Friends

OK, everyone! I need some help. My CareBear and I were having a discussion about snacks. We're both desperately trying to get some sort of control over our weight/body issues. I'm pretty good about the way I eat but sometimes I lack motivation to go out and do a workout. I'm doing better lately, but … Continue reading A Little Help From My Friends

Mind Numbing Physical Labor

Did ya'll have a good weekend? I hope so because I don't feel like I got a weekend. It was moving day(s). And the place was a mess. Now, my poor ol' body just needs to heal up. I was helping Mark lift a TV into the truck and the thing slipped to the side … Continue reading Mind Numbing Physical Labor

Eighteen Weeks

A week late posting the 18th week photo. It just dawned on me that I've been hogging pictures. Melissa is 19 weeks tomorrow. She sent me her 18 week shot last week and I didn't post it.  She's the cutest damned pregnant chick! I always looked like an elephant.   And then there's this:

Saying Goodbye

It's so difficult to bid adieu to a loved one. The week went by far too quickly. I couldn't think of a better way to spend our last day than enjoying the beautiful weather at the zoo.