Lap Dogs

What is it about a good workout that just makes everything seem a little brighter? At least, that’s the way it works for me. My legs are feeling a little noodly at the moment. And my arms are shaking a little as I type, but it’s one of those good kinds of shaky.

I did my usual circuits (minus the burpees because there is just something embarrassing about doing a burpee while there are people around) and then walked. Fast. I mean arms swinging, hip swinging fast! There was another girl there who was obviously there for a serious workout and she was going at a pretty good clip. And I lapped her.


And do you know how I know she was obviously there for a serious workout? Because she was wearing matching workout attire. And I should know that matching workout attire means business. Know why??

Because I was wearing this:

20130321_191343Right down to the black and pink shoes. Oh yeh!


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