And Speaking Of Pooh

Gotta love pregnancy! I had forgotten over the years how much it sucked to be pregnant. I know that some people enjoy it, but I wasn’t one of them. Melissa, fortunately, has had a fairly easy pregnancy. No morning sickness at all. I didn’t, either, so it’s really not a huge surprise. But she is suffering from the classic pregnancy constipation.

She sent me a text yesterday asking what on earth she could use to relieve it. She said she had been sitting on the pot for 20 minutes with no luck. I cautioned her about straining for that long and filled her pretty little head with examples of pelvic organ prolapse and the roll that straining plays in it. Painted quite a nice pictures, I’m sure!

I recommended that she get some Dulcolax Stool Softener. It saved my ass (literally) after my surgeries.

I got this text from her today:



(that should say “days to work” not “says to work”).

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to be in the stage of life I’m living right now, instead of being back there???


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