Something New

I’m pretty sure that you all know by now that my camera is pretty much attached at the hip. I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s as natural for me to pick up my camera as it is for me to pick up my keys as I head out the door. I take a LOT of ribbing over this! Perhaps MOCKING is a better word! Either way, lots o’shit comes my direction. And I’m all “Meh, don’t care!”

So I did this. Someplace that’s pretty much “everything photography and nothing lady bit issues.”

One of my sisters enjoys photography quite a bit and we’ve been talking about it a lot. We decided that we were going to do the photo a day challenge that Fat Mum Slim posts on her blog each month. I’m looking forward to having a little fun with my sister. We don’t have many things in common so anytime something comes up where we share a mutual interest I’m going to jump all over it. So we’re hanging out waiting for the daily list for April to be posted and then we’re going to get busy shooting.

Not that you’re worried, but this is still my space! This is where I look forwarding to heading when something funny, mad, sad, happy, etc happens.

Speaking of “etc” things. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning was a good poop day. Yup. We’re gonna go there! After multiple trips to the potty I thought I had pretty much got it all out of my system. Then my second cup of coffee happened. Right before lunch I headed in to (I thought) pee. Yeh. It was a little more than that. When I stood up to check (shut up…you all check!!!) there were a bunch of little “C”s floating around the bowl. Tiny little turdlets shaped like capital Cs. My first thought? C is for Cristy. Where the hell is my camera!? Classy, I know. C is for Classy. I didn’t think my co-workers (C is for Co-workers) would have appreciated me not flushing so that I could run to my desk and grab my camera. C is for Camera. But believe me, even though I have no photographic evidence, I thought of you ALL today!

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