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Hills Be Damned

One of my favorite places to workout is our local Conservation Center. You will find trail after trail after trail to walk on. Every one of these trails has hills. Some major. Some minor. When I want to walk hills, this is where I go:


I park right by the “You are here” sign and always start off on the yellow trail, Raccoon Run. It’s the longest trail. Paved, and starts of pretty level so I have a good warm up time before I get hot and heavy in the hills. I head all the way around to almost the end of Raccoon Run and hang a left on the green trail, Towering Oak (a mulched path), but I don’t go all the way down. I hang a left at the yellow/blue dashed trail, Moss Trace (still mulched). At the end of Moss Trace I hang a left and do the big-ass mother trucking end of Raccoon run again and hang a right at the purple path, Bluestem Ridge (paved and HILLY). This brings me back to almost the start of Raccoon Run. I head back towards the parking lot and just passed the “You are here” sign I hang a left onto the light blue trail, Nature Scape (paved, less hilly than all the other paths). This ends at Raccoon Run so I take that back to Towering Oak. Only this time I take Towering Oak all the way to its end. Towering Oak should be called Towering Hills because my glutes and quads are on FIRE by the time I reach the end. What goes down must come up! And Towering Oak goes down in the valley.

An hour and a half. That’s how long it takes to walk all the trails. I walk at a pretty good clip, but I do take time to smell the roses, as it were. Behold, my version of smelling the roses:

IMG_7748 IMG_7752 IMG_7764 IMG_7770 IMG_7778 IMG_7785 IMG_7814 IMG_7824 IMG_7847 IMG_7854


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