The Normal Me

Or maybe this isn’t normal.


So, Billy (the feral goat that hangs out at our place off the grid) had made his way to the other end of the park. He normally hangs out at the entrance. There is a large field and some of the full time residents put a salt lick out for him.

Over the weekend I was down there:


See the red X? I had wandered down that slippery slope so that I could take pictures of the falls from a little closer perspective. I barely heard Mark holler at me from the top of the hill. He was pointing up to the bluffs on the other side of the river. I was trying to run up the hill and look at the bluff at the same time. I don’t recommend this when you’ve got a camera pack on your back, a camera dangling around your neck, and SNOW/MUD on the ground.

It turns out that Billy was on the slope above the bluff. You can’t get any further away from the front entrance to the park than being on the bluff. By the time  I got to the top of the hill Billy had made his way into a thicket of Cedars. So there I stood. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

There is a fence at the top of the hill so that people riding their 4wheelers on the trails by the bluff can’t fall off the cliff. I knew there was no place for Billy to go so I waited. And waited some more. Camera at the ready. Mark, offering to help (insert eyeroll), said he would ride up to the trails on the other side of the fence and “flush him out.” Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said out loud, but Mark has no patience for the waiting game. Especially when he could be riding in the mud. So don’t go thinking that his offer of assistance was purely selfless. He knows that I can sit for hours waiting for the photo op. And I had no intention of leaving until I was able to shoot Billy.

IMG_7621Two hundred (not kidding) photos later, I was satisfied that all my waiting had been worth it. There are other photos that were better of Billy, but I wanted to show you the terrain where he was wandering. I know that goats are agile, but I was so uncomfortable with him being so close to the edge. I was afraid he would fall.

Contrast that with this:


MORON!!!!!!!! I was hoping this idiot would fall! For one thing, he scared Billy. The poor goat was frantically going back and forth trying to get away from the guy who was CLEARLY invading his space. He was so stressed trying to evade the man. I don’t think Mr. Idiot even realized Billy was there. He wanted to get video of the raging torrent at the bottom of the cliff. He went right down to the edge of that boulder. ON. THE. EDGE!!!! Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool.

Sorry. I digress.

An hour waiting for Billy to come out from the cedar thicket was totally worth it. ‘Twas a good day for shooting.

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