Health and Fitness

A Moment Of Weakness

In this never-ending quest for weight loss and getting back into shape I have will power of steel.

Unless you’re talking about donuts.

Good god almighty, is it ever difficult to walk past a donut. Bowl of ice cream? Don’t care. Chocolate chip cookie? Does not intrigue me. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? Meh.  Take it away.

Donut? Glazed only. Pecan gooey. Cinnamon swirl. Twist. Fritter. It does not matter! I want them all!

Last week people at work brought donuts in TWICE! That’s two times for those who have trouble keeping up. TWO days that I had to walk past the conference room table repeatedly to see and smell the deliciousness of the donuts sitting there. Taunting me!

One of my good friends requested help talking her off the ledge whenever she was about to give into sugar cravings. I told her to text me anytime. I’m always happy to help and god knows that we women need to stick together on the important challenges that face us. She took me up on the offer for assistance. The offending sugar of the day happened to be cupcakes. I know some people who react to cupcakes like I react to donuts so I could totally empathize with her request for assistance. As we chatted, donuts came up and I had to confess that I have a weakness when it comes to them.

Shortly after our conversation I grabbed my Sunday newspaper to read the important sections and this is what was waiting for me:


Very funny, Universe! Very funny!


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