Hammer Time

Mark and I went up to see Jenna on Saturday. She looks very good. Every time we see her I’m amazed at how well she’s doing. She has been having a couple of difficulties recently that we need to get taken care of.


See how her toes are bent under her foot? She will be having surgery on this. It’s causing her foot braces to rub incessantly against her toe so she has a wound that won’t heal. Hopefully the surgery will fix it.

About 15 years ago she had a similar procedure done. Her achilles tendon was tightening up to the point where she couldn’t get into a flat-footed position. The surgery helped immensely. She’s been in foot braces since then in order to keep her tendon from tightening up again.

So. Monday morning we’ll be heading to the hospital with her while she undergoes general anesthesia (the part that is most worrisome to me) and gets her foot fixed. I don’t anticipate any problems with the procedure but there is that part of the momma’s brain that braces for the unforeseen.

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