VD Analysis

So. How did your Valentine’s Day go? What? You thought we were talking about sex diseases? Sorry for the misleading title. My cynical self couldn’t resist.

My day started getting wonderful shortly after lunch when Cory stopped by work to talk to me. He said he needed my help with something. Then he showed me this:


He wanted us to all go out to dinner, me and Mark, his parents, Michelle (obviously). His parents declined because they already had VD plans. After MULTIPLE texts throughout the day Cory decided he wanted to meet at our house first because he thought the restaurant would be too crowded to get pictures.

Cory got to my house before Michelle did (she works until 7) so we had a chance to sit and visit for a bit. Mark had just got his conceal to carry a few weeks ago and bought a new pistol shortly after so he was showing Cory the new pistol. Picture a couple of redneck guys talking guns and you’ll get a good enough mental image. Then Mark pulls out an old rifle that was made in Spain probably 100 years ago. They’re oohing and ahhing over the workmanship. Blah blah blah. Then Mark pulls out his old 22 rifle. Then another rifle. Seriously, folks. We have been married 13 years this month and I knew we had a few rifles but I had no idea they were old and cool. Cory was like a kid on Christmas. Big gun guy. I finally asked if either of them thought it was ironic that Mark is pulling out his arsenal at the very time Cory is about to propose to his baby girl. It was all a bit to comical watching the “boys.”

Anyway, Michelle’s friend dropped her off at my house and she comes in. Hugs all around. We tell her that we had dinner reservations and wanted to get pictures taken before we left. Shocking as it may seem, this is not out of the ordinary so she suspected nothing. So I took a picture of them together. Then I had her stand in front of him for a picture.



If you look closely you can see he’s got his hand in his pocket trying to fish out the ring.

When she turned around he was on his knee trying to get the wrapper off the ring pop. I kind of thought he could have done that instead of playing with the guns, but that’s just me. As soon as she saw the ring pop she knew what was coming.


Wait! Ring pop? Yes, ring pop. She had a dream a long time ago that he proposed with a ring pop. I’m stunned to find out he actually does listen to her!

He asked her. She said yes. They kissed and hugged. Then he pulled out the real ring. More kissing. More hugging. More giddiness. It was very cute.

Ring pop done...no for the real ring.

Ring pop done…now for the real ring.

I went to get a picture of the ring on her hand and it kept coming out fuzzy because her hand was shaking so badly. He had to hold her hand steady in order for me to get a good shot of it.






Meet the happy couple. Cory and Michelle. I’m so happy for them. And I was ecstatic to see Michelle so giddy when he proposed. She’s kind of a cynic like I am so I wondered how she’d react to a proposal.

(Side note: my apologies to those who have heard the story 100 times already.)

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