Likker Bottles

I was reading a post from Dooce’s blog and it made me think of a story.

In this day and age of email, it is rare that we send letters. Yet at work we occasionally will do actual mailings. Some of our clients prefer invoices to be mailed rather than emailed. So we do have times when we need to actually lick an envelope and apply  a stamp.

A few years ago we had a girl working at the office during the summer during her college break. She was helping us “lick” envelopes, meaning that she was using one of those little plastic bottles filled with water and a sponge on top. We lovingly refer to it as our “Licker bottle.” So…envelope after envelope after envelope was sealed shut. After awhile I noticed our helper bee staring at the bottle. I asked if there was a problem. She said, “I was just wondering what you put in this bottle to make the envelope stick shut.”

Yup. It’s the stuff in the bottle that makes that happen.

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