It’s A Dilemma

I have a dilemma that you can help me with.

My hair is getting a little longer. It’s naturally curly, but it’s also THICK. So as it gets longer it’s heavy enough that it weighs down the curl. So it has a tendency to look a little disheveled. On the flip side of that, it’s so thick that it takes forever to dry and straighten. Pros and cons to going curly or going straight. What do you think?

20130206_072844 20130207_074801

6 thoughts on “It’s A Dilemma

  1. Poor you, with your thick, curly locks! Lol. Personally I have a thing for curly, always have. Fortunately for you, you look fab in both styles, but imo curly has an edge. Maybe it’s the smile though lol. Seriously there are so many products to help your curls even with the long thick hair pulling it down. May I recommend argon oil mousse on damp hair (towel dried or spritz with water), then scrunch and arrange curls, even curl individual curls around your pointer finger to really get a cool look, then very low hold hairspray (workable or flexible hold).

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