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And Then Along Came Ruth

In my quest to get back into shape I have struggled with feeling so old! So. Old! I’ve been doing the things that I need in order to make progress forward. I’m really feeling back in the swing of things with volleyball and it’s becoming more natural. Finally! For awhile I was having to think about what I’m doing on the court. After being back in a league for almost a year now it’s becoming more of an instinct again. I thought it would always be an instinct, but when my body wasn’t full healed the mind wasn’t instantly able to know what to do. Now that I’m stronger the court feels natural again.

I’m doing more strenuous workouts now and it’s getting easier. I’m not getting winded as easy. I’m able to do more reps. I’m able to lift more. I’m able to walk further and faster and for long distances. So, logically I know I’m getting there, but mid-workout I feel old! Old, old, old, old, old!

On Thursdays when Mark has his volleyball games I go down to the Y and walk the track for an hour and a half. I enjoy it because the power leagues play and I can watch some great games while I walk. As I watch those youngsters playing I feel old again. It’s amazing how little effort it takes for my brain to go, “YOU’RE OLD!” As I walk and watch the games I wonder how much longer I’m going to be able to play. I feel the ache in my hip. I feel the ache in my knee. And I wonder how much longer I’ve got. I do a lot of pondering when I walk. About the time I am really convinced I won’t be playing volleyball for much longer, along comes Ruth.

20130117_193233-1Ruth is 72. She quit playing volleyball about five years ago. FIVE! And she’s 72! Her and her husband (who is older than she is) have been a staple of the volleyball courts for as long as I can remember and it’s been closing in on 20 years since I’ve been hanging out with this crowd.

If you’ll notice the angle of the shot, you will surmise that she has just passed me. Yup. That’s right. This 72 year old woman has lapped me on the walking track! *sigh* I watch her and her husband every Thursday night at the track walking. They walk for awhile, then they go down and visit with the players. They’re still a part of the volleyball community even though they’re no longer actively playing. They give me hope. I can’t help but smile when I see her on the track. When I grow up I want to be like Ruth.


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