Turkey Fajita Quesadilla Salad

I have been trying to change the way I eat. I’ve come to realize that over the years my body reacts different to various food groups. I used to thrive on a higher carb (whole grains) and lower protein (animal by-products). It was about the only way I could lose weight. I scoffed at the low carb diets and thought they were so hokey because they did not work for me at all!

Then I was thrown headfirst into menopause when I had my hysterectomy. Suddenly my body began a revolution and I didn’t know whether I was up or down, in or out, coming or going. I’ve gone in six week spurts trying different combinations to figure out what works for me. And nothing had been working. Until now. I think I have finally figured out what is making my body tick. Oddly enough, it’s low carb/high protein.

I’ve focused my carb intake at breakfast and eat muesli every morning with fresh fruit and a small handful of pecan, walnuts or almonds and 1% milk. For the rest of the day it’s fruits, veggies and lean meats. If I have any grains for dinner it’s brown rice or quinoa with an occasional multi-grain or whole wheat pasta or tortilla. I’ve also been pretty conscious about the quality of the meat I’m eating and pay the extra to do hormone/antibiotic free. Every year we buy a side of beef from a local farmer. Grass fed. Hormone free. Antibiotic free. So while I still eat the forbidden red meat, I feel like it’s a healthier option. I also eat a lot of chicken, turkey and fish.

Sometimes I feel a little deprived because I am a BREAD person. I love bread. I crave bread. In order to make me feel a little less deprived I’ve been trying to make my meals look fancy. It’s all a mental game, folks!

Last night I made (you’ll never guess) turkey fajita quesadillas. Well, they were going to be quesadillas until it looks boring when I put it on the plate. Here’s what I did:

Load 'em up!

Load ’em up!

I sauteed some green, red, and yellow peppers and some onions in a little bit of canola oil. When they were starting to get tender I sprinkled some cumin and garlic salt over the veggies. I chopped up some turkey that was left over from earlier in the week. On a multi-grain tortilla I spread a layer of salsa, then on half of it I put some black beans, the turkey and the veggies  and some low fat cheese.

I folded that over and put it on my small george foreman grill.

Peek - a - boo, I see you.

Peek – a – boo, I see you.

I grilled it for about two minutes. Enough time for the cheese to melt and the tortilla to get a little toasty and crisp.



Then I removed it from the grill and sliced it into thirds and placed it onto a bed of salad mix. I buy the organic “half and half” mix so it’s got the darker leaf lettuces and spinach.

You want me, dontcha!?

You want me, dontcha!?

Whenever I make taco salad I do a sour cream and salsa dressing. I did the same thing only I used low fat sour cream. Natural. No preservatives added. I put a few black beans on top of the dollop of sour cream/salsa mixture just for a little bit of decoration. Normally, I would have put extra grated cheese over the top of the “dressing” but passed that up and opted for black beans instead. A healthier choice for sure.

The final seal of approval is when Mark goes, “You can make this anytime!!” He definitely approved. This is not a typical meal that I make each day. It has way more cheese (even though it’s low fat) than I normally eat. But every now and again you just have to have a quesadilla.  amiright!?

2 thoughts on “Turkey Fajita Quesadilla Salad

  1. Sounds great Christie, low carb, high protein is the only thing that has ever worked for. Once you do it for awhile it gets easier. I loosely use the Scarsdale Diet from years ago…..too bad his secretary killed him…..

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