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List Upon List Upon List

to-do listI’m not sure where my daughter gets this from, but she sent me this email. Pardon the spelling errors…I’m not fixing them for her.

Last night I made a list of everything I may or may not need for my baby. I even went to the store to price check things. We decided to wait until a lot later to get a crib cuz they are EXPENSIVE. We’re gonna get a pack n play first.
Here’s my list:
Pack n play-first Bottles
Crib-last Extra nipples
Car seat Formula
Stroller Passifiers
Boppy Diaper bag
Walker-I figure I won’t need this til 3 mo. or so Changing pad
High chair-I don’t really know when to get this Baby monitor-I actually already got one of these
Clothes Horse shoe pillow
onsys Floor mat
socks Toys
pants Teething rings
shorts Baby carrier-want 🙂
shirts Rocking chair-want 🙂
body wash
wash cloths
hooded towels
baby powder
baby bath tub
hygiene kit (I saw this at the store for 10 bucks)
baby brush
finger nail clippers
“snot sucker”
medicine spoon
Can you tell me if I need anything else??
GUYS!! She has not even had her initial eight week doctor’s appointment! Are we all in agreement that this will be the longest pregnancy in the history of ever!?
Since she is in list making mode, I replied to her:
Do you want to know when I started thinking about the things on your list? Oh, about a month before the kid was born. Haha. 
So…here’s my list of must haves from you:
Every month a profile of a belly shot. I don’t care if you don’t look pregnant. I need my monthly belly shot up until seven months. 
Then I need two a month – week one and week three. This will be for month seven and eight. 
Month nine I need a weekly shot! 
Then when you go into the hospital to have the baby I need one last belly shot. Even if you just took your weekly shot the day before I still need a “leaving for the hospital” shot. 
This is all I require of you. 🙂  See how easy I am.
I’m glad she’s excited. I know that she has wanted this badly for the past two years, even though they just began trying in October. My biggest concern? That something will go wrong. She would be devastated!
For now….positive thoughts, and lots of giddiness seeing her excitement! Nobody does “excitement” quite like Melissa!

2 thoughts on “List Upon List Upon List”

  1. I keep meaning to tell you about the book Baby Bargains. I think your daughter would love it. It’s a bit like consumer reports for baby/toddler equipment. Plus there are good recommendations for what’s essential, what’s nice to have, and what’s just silly.

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