Random Thoughts

A Few Things To Note

  1. Don’t ever get lazy and quit your workouts for any length of time because when you start back up it WILL kill you.
  2. Quinoa is a healthy form of protein. Everyone knows this. You should be aware that the texture feels a little like fish eggs popping in your mouth and it gets caught between your teeth like broccoli and poppy seeds. SEXY!!!
  3. Suddenly increasing your veggie and water intake makes for weird sites in the toilet. TMI, yes, but has that ever stopped me before? There’s a whole POP category that says it hasn’t!
  4. Corn and raisins, no matter how well you chew them, will always come out the other end whole (see #3). Black beans sometimes fall into this category.
  5. Coffee is WAY better than water!!!  I mean WAY better! I miss my early afternoon cup of coffee (trying to cut out one cup from my daily regimen…one of three).

Carry on. I didn’t think you’d be able to make it through your day without knowing those things.

funny diet tip


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