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Who wants to join me in a pity party? Show of hands! My peeps introduced me to this website. Fuck them!!!  (Said with a LOT of love!) 🙂

Here’s where I stand:


Depressing! Fucking depressing!!!

So much work to do. So much to overcome! The holidays are over. The shit has been banished from my house. I am back on the wagon. So, in case you can’t see the numbers in the screen shot, I’m starting off 2013 at 220 pounds. That’s five pounds less than where I started last year. I did my measurements this morning and overall I’m two inches smaller around than I was after my surgery last year. So I have made progress over the past year, but I did NOT behave myself over the holidays.

I want my clothes to fit right. I want to wear a swim suit this summer without being embarrassed. I want to be able to run up the hills instead of having to walk. I want to not be hindered by anything when I go on my cruise in September. I just want to be healthy again like I used to be.

So I’ll have my pity party. And then I’ll do the work.

Today’s workout: Intervals on the treadmill. 10 minute warm up at 3mph.  Then 1 minute intervals of run 5mph, and 1 minute of (alternately) squat/jumps, pushups, side planks, front planks, lunges, bicycle crunches. I stretched while I fixed dinner. Quinoa/chicken stuffed peppers, broccoli and mandarin oranges.

Maybe someday I can look like this again.


7 thoughts on “Commiseration”

  1. I have walked three days in a row, and done my knee exercises (biking and specific knee stuff) 3 or the last 4. I am getting into the workout swing of things. Not fair that my daughter’s birthday is Monday and I see 2 if not 3 cakes over the next week or so. I will be strong. My son wants to teach me to surf in Hawaii at spring break. Can whales learn to surf? Cause I’ll be lighter but still large. Oh well, I promised him and I won’t be a whale when he graduates in the spring. I promised me that!!!
    Workout buddy – yay. I have to go for my knee check up next week but I seem to be good to go. I want to run, but the knee is not there yet.

  2. Hmmmm thanks for that. I’m now depressed too. I’m very close to your numbers. Guess I’ll go for a walk right now and slink out the door to get there.

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