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They Say It’s Your Birthday

It’s my birthday, too!

And it started of with a bang. Or more accurately, a crash. In my rush to get out the door and to work I stepped slightly wrong on my  garage floor. I had on my black sweater dress, black leggings, and black boots.  Seems like somebody is in mourning!

You’d have been very impressed with the grace of the crash. As my heel slipped, my ankle buckled and I started the forward process…the way my arms were flailing, you’d have thought I was learning to do the soft-shoe.

Quick goal: do NOT let my dress hit the floor. Black dress. Dirty garage floor. Not a good combo. Challenge accepted!! And the fall commenced. Left knee – dead center – Kapow! Followed very quickly by the inner side of the right knee – Boing – bounced off the concrete. Simultaneously the left hand hit the floor. And held! Right hand next – buh-bye weak wrist – onto right elbow. But wait! The fun doesn’t end here! Elbow impact causes already tight right shoulder to be jarred up towards my head. Whiplash! Side of the head bounces lightly against upward moving right shoulder.

End result: Dress did not hit the floor! Unintentional Chataranga for the win!!

If someone had been there with a camera, it may have looked something like this:

Ohhhhhh shit!
Ohhhhhh shit!

And then:


What? I tell stories. I’m not an artist!

So…I started off my birthday with a bang! It was a bizarre day from there on out. Some good bizarre. Some bad bizarre. Some really fucking bad bizarre.  I shall focus on the good and look forward to my 50s.


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