Pardon Me While I Gush

The kids came home this weekend. Not all of them. But the local(ish) ones. And it was awesome! We went to a comedy show, which was ridiculously inappropriate and hilariously funny. You could say, “Well, duh, it’s a comedy show, it’s supposed to be funny.” You could say that, but you’d be wrong. I’ve seen my far share of shows that have been boring and stupid. This guy, though. Oh mah gawd, FUNNY! We got a workout in with all the laughter.

But the best part was going to the a little bar afterwards. It wasn’t crowded. We had practically the whole place to ourselves and we were able to visit with each other and just…be. As I sat and watched my children talk to each other, hug each other, laugh with each other my grinchy heart melted a little. OK. A LOT! I have these fantastic adults. Lives that I had a hand in shaping and molding. And they turned out OK in spite of me and my feeble efforts. Some of them are still going through some growing pains, but that’s OK. They love each other. They are friends. I don’t know what more I could ask for. OH. I do know. Something I have always wanted for my children is that they could find somebody to spend their lives with. Somebody good. And all of them have found that. I was watching the significant others during the evening and they all fit right into my little family circle. They are all kind, compassionate, loving people.


As I drove home last night in the silent car (silent because the moment the car started moving they all crashed, as has been typical since they were little) I couldn’t help but smile. Watching them this morning devour the copious amounts of food that I made for brunch, I couldn’t help but smile. And after they all left to go to their separate homes, I can’t help but smile.

I have the perfect life. The best of all worlds. During this coming year, I’m going to try and remember this feeling. Right here. Right now. Everything is perfect.

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