Day 19 Photo a day

Years and years ago when the kids were little I found this:


When the kids were little I found this cute little figurine. I didn’t have much money in those days, but I scraped up enough to buy it. I took it home and painted it. It’s been one of my favorite Christmas decorations since then. Nearly a quarter of a century…Melissa was a baby when I made it and she’ll be 25 in May.

We hear so much about the war on Christmas and how people are taking Christ out of Christmas. My parents hated Santa Claus because he stole the lime light away from the baby Jesus. I don’t know why the two can’t co-exist. They both embody the spirit of giving. That’s good enough for me!

If I put nothing else else up at Christmas, I put this up.

One year, at the church I used to attend, they were doing a Creche for the community to come and view.  A room full of nativity sets. I got a call from the lady organizing it asking if I’d mind bringing in something for it. I brought this little statue in. There at the registration table, in front of all the other folks who were bringing things to get checked in, the lady in charge looked at me then looked at my Santa worshiping the baby Jesus and she shook her head and said, “You can’t put that in here. It’s highly inappropriate.” So I took it home and put it front and center on my piano where it was pretty much the first thing that visitors saw when they entered my home.

Anyway, I love my Santa statue. It makes me smile whenever I see it.