Day 13 Photo a day.

In my little town there is a bunch of Mexican food restaurants that are owned by the same people. Good food. Good service. Good prices. Good lights?


You be the judge of that!


I posted the pic and everything in a hurry this morning. But I wanted to discuss lights.  Every year at Christmas the highlight was driving around looking at the lights. The kids and I would hop into the car and go around looking at the neighborhoods that were notorious for having awesome lighting setups. We’d “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh” at the sparklies. It’s something that has always brought me great joy.

As you know, I’ve been fairly much a bah-humbug this year. It’s just a weird season for me. It’s the first year that I don’t have a good majority of my kids home. It’s the first year that I have zero vacation days left to take a few days off and enjoy the holiday. It’s the first year that I have a grandbaby for Christmas that I DON’T GET TO SEE!!!!  So I’ve had a difficult time really getting into the joy of the season.

The other day I went up to the capitol building and took some pictures of the lights around the capitol and governor’s mansion. I was HAPPY when I got home. Looking through the pictures made me almost giddy. Here, let me show you a few of them:

lights4 lights1 lights2 lights3

When I went out last night to get the “official” -photo a day- lighting pictures I was looking for something outrageous. I found it. Mark went with me on the way home from volleyball. He said if I wasn’t going to be more than half hour he’d go with me, otherwise I could drop him off at home first. So I stopped, got the pics, then went home. On the way home I saw one of the big neighborhoods that have lights so I took him home and went to drive around and look at lights.

Depressing, folks!!  Totally depressing. Nobody in the car to “ooh” and “aah” with me. Just driving around on my lonesome looking at Christmas lights. And it fucking sucked!!  How is there no joy in Christmas lights?? That seems almost impossible. But there it is. Joyless Christmas lights. Boo. I have GOT to shake myself out of this funk that I’m in! I’m just not quite sure how to do that.

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