From Where You Live

Day 6 Photo a day.

This Christmas has been a rather rough one. I don’t know that I’ve made a huge secret about it. It was all I could do to even be motivated to put up a tree. The cats destroyed my tree last year when they were kittens so I needed to buy a new one. Found a NICE one on sale for 200 bucks. I have never spent that much on a tree ever! Never ever! Such a beautiful tree. After I decorated it I stood guard. The cats were intrigued. Every time they would so much as touch the tree I would shake this glass jar that was filled with dry beans. They would take off running. Aversion therapy.

This worked for the first day. And the second day. You know…the two days of the weekend that I was home. Saturday and Sunday night I made them sleep downstairs. My kitchen door that leads to the basement doesn’t latch tight so I had to push a kitchen chair in front of the door to keep them from pushing it open. When I got home from work Monday the cats were in the living room. They had to have worked together in order to push the door open with the chair blocking the path. The little shits. But they didn’t bother the tree. They seemed to be more interested in the tree skirt and had maneuvered it out from under the tree and into the middle of the living room.

I still wasn’t trusting them too much. So Tuesday I pushed the kitchen table in front of the door. they were not able to move it. Hell. I can barely move it. Tuesday night they didn’t even go near the tree. Just hung out with us. I decided to let them stay up Tuesday night. I left the tree skirt in the middle of the floor thinking that would keep them away from the tree.

Woke up Wednesday morning with everything in tact. So I let them stay upstairs while I was at work. I could tell that they were in the tree because I could see where there had been a nest made. Stupid cats. Little tufts of fur stuck in the tree. I know that Bandit sits there perched on the back of the couch thinking she’s so smart and that I have no clue what she’s been up to.

So…volleyball night tonight. Early game. Rushing like a crazed person to get ready to go directly after work. Mark and I rushed out the door without putting the cats down. Tree skirt in the middle of the floor with hopes they’ll play with that and not bug the tree.

A shot from where I live up arriving home from volleyball:

Christmas balls. We call them....Shards!

Christmas balls. We call them….Shards!

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