Glittery Glerpes

I love when a new phrase is coined. I’ve hear a lot of new phrases coined this week, but my favorite is Glerpes! An on-line conversation the other day consisted of glitter and all the evils of it. It gets everywhere. You can’t wipe it up. You can’t vacuum it up. You can’t sweep it up. You can’t wash it off your face. You can’t wash it off your clothes. When you open a glitter package you may as well be opening Pandora’s box because nothing good will come of it.

After much conversation about glitter, one of the conversation attendees declared, “Glitter is the herpes of the craft world!” And before we knew it, Glerpes had been coined!

So, today at work a colleague and I were trying to quickly get the Christmas tree set up because we had a customer scheduled to come over in the afternoon. We completed the tree and got back to our ridiculously busy day. HOURS later, my boss was standing over my shoulder while we reviewed something on my computer. She leaned down and brush my cheek. “Glitter.” She said. I wanted to shout out, “GLERPES!!!” But I didn’t. I knew she wouldn’t understand.

It looks as though between now and the new year I will be covered in glittery glerpes. I’ve resigned myself to this fact and like every other unpleasantness in life, I will just forge on. Me and my glittery self will just forge on!


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