Conversations Around The Chat Window

Empty Nest Syndrome. Have you ever heard of this? In my experience, it is a fallacy. It doesn’t really exist! I read a post on Gina’s blog today and we had the following discussion via g-chat:

me: Um. I hate to break it to your sister, but those rules will not work. 🙂

Gina: lmao – I thought the same thing
don’t even know how many times we made “rules”
I have come to the conclusion that I will have to micromanage them until they move out

me: I made chore lists, but not rule lists. However, that caused trouble as well. Ann’s chore list said, “Clean pink bathroom.” Matt’s chore list said, “Downstairs bathroom: clean sink, clean countertop, clean toilet (inside and out), clean shower, sweep and mop floor.” Matt always asked why his chore list was longer. GAH!!

Gina: lmao
one week the boys are on laundry and the girls do the other stuff (vacuum, clean bathrooms, take out trash) and then they switch …. but there always seems to be towels left on the couch on Sunday nights and then it’s a fight on Monday whose job it is to fold the damn things

me: I know! Trying to explain to a boy that his list simply meant, “Clean the downstairs bathroom” was exhausting!
Oh, the kids were responsible for THEIR laundry. Mark or I did towels, sheets…stuff that is communal property. But the kids had to do their own laundry.

Gina: we are starting the “own laundry” thing over Christmas break … boy-child already does his own
it’s hilarious though, he puts everything in one load (his towels included)

me: OH…one day Mark went down to swap out the laundry and the dryer door was standing open. So all the clothes were stil wet. Mark goes, “WHO OPENED THE DRYER????” Matt goes, “I did. I had to take a shower.” Mark stood there staring at him for a few seconds and finally asked how on earth having the DRYER running was going to interfere with the shower. Matt goes, “I don’t want to take a cold shower!” Mark goes, “IT’S A DRYER!!!!! IT DOESN’T USE WATER!!!!” Matt blankly stared at him until the light bulb went on. OMG. I seriously wondered about him for a long time. 🙂

Gina: LMFAO !!!

me:  Just think. In 10 years you’ll be visiting with someone whose kids still live at home and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that your kids are all grown and gone.

 Gina:  so glad that I could entertain you …. BITCH!

5 thoughts on “Conversations Around The Chat Window

  1. I should have been in on that conversation…I could have contributed….well probably nothing because its all the same. Towels are still on the couch today.

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