Civic Duty Done

I voted today, as I hope all my fellow-citizens did. I don’t care which way you voted, so long as you voted your conscience. 

The thing that I didn’t do is make sure that I had my most current voter card with me. So I stood in the wrong line. The LONG line! Grrr. When I finally got up to the table I was informed that I had to go to the other line. At least there were only three people in that line as opposed to the fifteen that I had just waited behind.

While I stood in the long, wrong line there was an old gentleman and his wife standing behind me. Notice I didn’t say “an older gentleman.” No. This guy was OLD! The two ladies who were checking people in and handing out ballots were older ladies. Not nearly as old as the old gentleman in line behind me, but not young by any stretch of the imagination. This old gentleman turned to his wife and said, “Those old gals at the table are sure moving slow.” It was all I could do to not chuckle out loud.

Not pertinent to anything, it just made my wait in line less painful.

Anyway, I finally got into the correct line and cast my vote.  And now…time to go hide from all social media because I have zero interest in reading timelines, twitter feeds, or anything of that nature. I hope you all are having a great day!

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